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Our Approach

This page contains all resources that may be required for the various activities we do. Especially like songs, photos, Digital Bible.

Our Story

Every Church has a beginning, and this is where we talk about ours. Talk about our roots--people want to know we have some. Use all the contents that you have made use of so they may be of use to somebody else so they don't end up reinventing the wheel.

Meet the Missionary Sunday School Team

The Missionary Sunday School team is one dedicated team that is working towards securing our next generation in the path of our Lord. The dedicated teachers encourage the children and educate them with the teachings of the Lord and making it all the while fun. It gives our children the confidence to be better Christians in the World and serve as a model for the society on what it is to stand up for Christian values.

Sunday School are held on Sunday mornings during the 8:30 am Tamil Service. During this time, the children learn more about Jesus & our faith through fun crafts & stories! Our Sunday School program is held in the Old Parish Hall building located behind the church. Parents drop off their children right before the service & pick them up when the service ends. The kids are classified into the following groups and children are assigned accordingly:

  • Pre-Beginner & Beginner
  • Junior
  • Primary
  • Inter & Senior

If you are interested in Sunday School for your child , please contact The Presbyter or Church Secretary or the Sunday School Convener. You can also email us at

Find resources that you can use

The resources page will contain all required materials one could possibly need, including pictures, video templates, word documents, template documents that are used in the site as well. All these are made available to whoever will need to apply it for their respective services or events. We hope all of these content are most useful to you. The details will appear as below when available for download. You will not be required to sign-up to download these materials for now. The Church reserves the right to make it accessible through membership options in future.


For downloading Sunday School Resources, please click on the download button and you will be taken to our download section. While all downloads are free, you are requested to open an account with us to verify the user. If you would like to understand what information we collection, please visit our privacy policy page to understand this.

Our YouTube Channel - CSIGSV Sunday School [#csigsvmss]

Next Steps...

For all up to date information and social events please go to our Social Page which has all day to day information about our Church on the digital domain.