Church Youth


The Role of Youth in Today's Church. Investing in today's youth is necessary in growing the body of Christ. Teaching young people in the church to grow in their relationship with the Lord prepares them to serve Christ in all they do. As a result, this nurtures the congregation and allows the church to flourish. The CSI Good Shepherd Velachery Church has been on this mission with great gusto and the vision of our Presbyter Rev. Wellington Jesudoss who is committed to the development of the Youth and preparing them as the next generation of this congregation taking the Village Ministry and Missionary activities forward.

The Youth team is one dedicated team in spiritual and fellowship. They have been instrumental in conducting Youth Sunday, leading Praise and Worship on our Church and have also been participating in other events organized by other Churches and winning prizes for our Church. The latest one was held in CSI Church Palavakkam where they lifted the trophy for the 2nd time.

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Our Unsung Covid Warriors

The Youth Fellowship have taken up the Covid-19 situation with a lot of faith and grit by pledging their time for the Lord and doing his work. The Church had been closed since the announcement of lockdown by the Central and State Governments back in March 2020.

We took our services online and there has been no meeting at the Church or congregation coming in. Now on the ocassion of the unlock guidelines provided by the State Government it was decided to have Churches opened for worship. The diocese deliberated and finally gave the go ahead with certain restrictions that were put together as part of the SOP in order for the Churches to function. The SOP has been shared with the congregation and as a result, there needed to be volunteers to ensure that the SOP was adhered to. This is where the Youth Fellowship volunteered in and braving the current situation entirely with their faith, they have been dedicated towards the well being of the congregation who come in to attend to the services at Church.

The Church will only have a total of 100 members at any service and the gate is closed once the counter reaches this number. The members who turn up to the Church are monitored for their temperature to make sure they are not running any temperature, their details are recorded and then the members are allowed to sit in the Church into social distancing seats sanitized by the team. This whole work has been taken up wholeheartedly by the team in the background and have been able to run this quite effortlessly. Let us take this moment to reflect and recognise the brave work by the team to ensure everyone's safety. Also remember them in your prayers too.