Church Choir

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Church Choir

The Church Choir was a result of pure dedication on our dear Mr. Sathyapaul (late) who had single handedly built this choir from scratch and made it one of the best to reckon with in Chennai. They have won Christmas Carol competitions besides a regular staple every Easter and Christmas on Podhigai and Cable TV.

Choir Members

The Choir members are drawn from the regular church members who dedicate their time every week to practice as they believe imperatively that practice maketh one perfect. Their dedication goes beyond words if you look at their constant practice and also their outcomes every week during the weekly service. The Choir members have been assembled as a perfect professional one with members in Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass.

We can of course look at our members here at the left. This is a living document of members since there are changes and they may take some time to reflect here. If you believe that a name has been omitted or needs to be added, please contact the Presbyter-in-charge.