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Social Media Presence - Facebook

We have a presence on Social Media that can be accessed through going to the Facebook page link as provided below in this page on a browser. You can alternatively also use the Facebook app on your mobile, both Android and iPhone, to be able to get to the dedicated Facebook page for our Church. Just search for our page "csigoodshepherdvelachery". For a sample of how our page looks without having to go to the actual page, you may view it on the left. You can also scroll down to look at the latest posts and photos/videos that have been uploaded to the page recently. The Facebook page is another way to be updated about latest events in our Church.

The Facebook Page will also be used to "Live Stream" our Services/Events from time to time and whose details will be given before hand on the page for those who would like to tune in.

Please be aware that streaming will incur charges to your mobile data bill and hence make sure that you are using "Wi-Fi" or "Wired Internet" to view the Live streaming of videos on Facebook. We are still in the process of updating our links and will soon try to have the streaming show up on the page when possible. Please do stay subscribed to the page for any updates and use the message option to ask us any questions through Facebook. You may also use this feature through the "Facebook Messenger" App in Android and iPhone devices. Just search us "@csigoodshepherdvelachery"

@csigoodshepherd Tweets

Twitter Presence

Our Church also has a very active twitter presence where you will be able to see the latest events, updates to our sites, videos added, real-time updates to our activities that can be followed by our members worldwide. You only need to follow our handle by searching for "@csigoodshepherd". To keep it simple and yet unique, the profile name will still show up as csigoodshepherdvelachery so you know this is the right user account.

Please be aware that any responses made to the tweets will not be visible over here. Only tweets made by the Church can be visible. If you would like to see the tweet responses, then you will need to visit "" website on your browser or install the Twitter app on your Android/iPhone mobiles and access it through the app.

Please keep in mind that all tweets are visible and the hashtag that you can refer to is "#csigsv"  usually associated to all of our tweets and any ones that come up on special occasions. If retweeting, use the hashtags so we can track the tweets and make sure that the tweets are only picked up and shared for the right reasons. The Tweets should conform to the Twitter user rights and also to the website terms of Service. If you have any questions regarding this, you may read this up on here.

Youtube Channel Videos

Videos produced by our Church members for Church activities and Services. There are 2 channels below, choose the centered video as the main video and the rest are part of the gallery. The main channel of the Church is the one listed below which contains all our edited programs while the last one is the Live Streaming Channel where our services are broadcast regularly on a weekly basis. This Live Stream is only active when the services are being streamed and are static otherwise. If you would like to look into the archives, you can do so here.






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To get more information and much more, you can go to our Facebook page in Facebook either using the mobile app or through Web browser.