Christmas 2020 Services

Christmas 2020 services

The Christmas Services for 2020 will be held at Church in 3 different services.

  • Early Morning Service at 6:00am IST
  • Second Service at 8:00am IST
  • Third Service at 10:00am IST

The SOP has changed only slightly since the re-opening for services at the Church. The number of people who can attend the Church in person has been increased to 200 members. The other conditions remains the same:

  1. A maximum of 200 members will be allowed to attend the Church Services in the Church. Social distancing shall be maintained in the Church while being seated.
  2. All members will be thermally scanned for ensuring their temperature is normal. Anyone with symptoms of cold, cough or fever are requested to abstain from attending the Church services.
  3. All members >60yrs and <10yrs are still not allowed to attend the services.
  4. The Church Services will not have Holy Communion as per the communication from the diocese and all services are in Tamil only.
  5. After the number of members reaches 200, the gates will be closed and the members will be allowed to attend the next service only.
  6. There will be 3 different services and you can attend to the next services.
  7. Face masks are mandatory to enter the Church and Gloves are optional. After the services, the gloves/face mask can be disposed off in sanitized disposal bins.
  8. The Church will be sanitised after every service to ensure compliance with the SOP.
  9. All attending members are requested to fill in their names, mobile numbers and membership number with the front counter before making their way to the church.
  10. All members will enter through the front and exit through the side exits.

For those members who are unable to attend the services, you can attend the services virutally by watching our Livestream in YouTube.

These services can be watched through one of the 3 methods mentioned below:

  1. Website : Open the website on Mobile or Desktop and Click on Watch Live.
  2. YouTube : Open the Channel on browser in your Smart TV, Tab, Mobile or Desktop, browse to "CSIGSVLIVE" and click on the relevant Services that you would like to watch during the specified time.
  3. Webapp : Install "CSIGSV" Webapp by going to "" and clicking on the prompt "Do you want to add to homescreen?"

Direct Links to the 3 Christmas Services in CSI Good Shepherd Velachery, 25th December

  1. - 6:00am - Early morning 1st Service
  2. - 8:00am - 2nd Service
  3. - 10:00 am - 3rd Service

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