Area Fellowship


Details of our Area Fellowship and contact persons are given here.

The Area Fellowship has been divided into 20 different family prayer groups.The details from each of the prayer groups will be as below.

  • Area Fellowship Number (1-20)
  • Place of the Area Fellowship family
  • Address details of the point person along with contact details provided.
  • The Area covered by this Point person which comes under the respective area.
  • Each Area will be covered with the locality name listed for easy reference.

The best way to figure out the Area and Area Fellowship would be to look up your area under the Area Fellowship listed out below and where you do find trhe area, look up the area under to see if your locality is listed out. The details listed out for easier reference of members are as below:

  • Family Membership Number
  • Name of the member
  • Address of the member
  • Phone Number (Where not listed, please update your number with the Secretary/Pastor.)


The list below contains also a pdf file that will have the contents as listed previously for your reference. If a pdf is not listed, please use another type of browser. This page has been tested with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Windows Edge Browser and Safari.

AreaLeader NameContact 
1Mr. G. Paulraj9444652211
2Mr. M. Chandra Mohan9677091367
3Mr. T. Devairakkam9444958387
4Mr. A. Albert9444921719
5Mr. G.S. Mohanraj9841941801
6Mr. Jothi Christal9840429322
7Mr. J. Edwin Thomason7397440765
8Mr. D.C. Paul9884437759
9Mr. Stanley Rajesh9941419509
10Mr. Alex Sundarsingh9600046280
11Mr. S. Stanley9841552272
12Mr. A. Jeyakumar9840488706
13Mr. James Prasanna Kumar9551551833
14Mr. S. Johnson9841452991
15Mr. D. William Christopher9445291948
16Mr. Theophilus9941570621
17Mr. Azariah9444165334
18Mr. Y. Gnanadas9445251713
19Mr. Manoharan
Mr. C.D. Sobitharaj

20Mr. G. Raja9841671657
21Mr. Robin Thomas9841538912
22Mr. Jeevanandam9962545288
23Mrs. Elezabeth Pauline9884412437
24Mr.Jegadish KumarAndrew9940091323
25Mr. Arthur Gnanaraj9444346498

Note: If you have any difficulty in finding out which Area Fellowship you belong to, please speak to the respective Leaders or speak to the Presbyter-in charge.